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FMAE Moto Student 2023 will be organized at Kari Motor Speedways. The competition is inspired by Moto GP, it involves students from design, engineering and building thier own prototype motorcycles. 

Inviatation to Particicpate

We are excited to invite your engineering college to participate in the FMAE  Moto Student Competition. This competition is an opportunity for students from engineering programs to design and build their own prototype motorcycles, with the goal of creating a bike that could compete in the Moto GP class

The competition will be held in [Coimbatore], on [October 2023]. The competition will consist of various stages, such as a design review, testing and evaluation of the prototypes, and ultimately a race or time trial to determine the winning design.

We believe that this competition will be an excellent opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and skills to a real-world challenge, and to showcase their talents to the industry. It will also give the students an opportunity to learn more about the vehicle designing and manufacturing , as well as the technology and techniques used by the professional engineering teams and Industries. 

Resources for the Event

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About Event

FMAE promote FMAE MOTO STUDENT, a challenge between University Student teams.

Admin Rules

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Technical Rules

Read all the rules related to the competition and motorcycle Designing and Fabrication.

Static Activities

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Dynamics Activities

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Kari Motor Speedways, Coimbatore

Dynamic Event.

KCT, Coimbatore

Static Event

Final Event Dates

OCT, 2023