FMAE Academy transforms its students in to creative leaders to tackle every problem in their professional life and outgrow the current ways and thoughts to innovate and create a better future. Current industrial world is in search of an engineer with the deep knowledge and expertise. FMAE Academy is creating a path parallel to the current engineering education practice, to drive students with the practical knowledge, have deep insight about the problems occurs at the micro level and create awareness about the socio-economic and political factors that affect their work and professional life.

Training and workshops provided by FMAE Academy include cognizance of the very concept of manufacturing and designing of performance vehicles like Formula Student Car, Go-Kart, BAJA Buggy and Quad Bike. The duration of the training varies from 05-20 days depending upon the program. Students can gain the desired knowledge they fancy to acquire, through these workshops and training. FMAE motivates the students to expand their theoretical knowledge through challenging practical experience and work independently and in team through the training/workshop programs.