FMAE Academy transforms its students in to creative leaders to tackle every problem in their professional life and outgrow the current ways and thoughts to innovate and create a better future. Current industrial world is in search of an engineer with the deep knowledge and expertise. FMAE Academy is creating a path parallel to the current engineering education practice, to drive students with the practical knowledge, have deep insight about the problems occurs at the micro level and create awareness about the socio-economic and political factors that affect their work and professional life.

Training and workshops provided by FMAE Academy include cognizance of the very concept of manufacturing and designing of performance vehicles like Formula Student Car, Go-Kart, BAJA Buggy and Quad Bike. The duration of the training varies from 05-20 days depending upon the program. Students can gain the desired knowledge they fancy to acquire, through these workshops and training. FMAE motivates the students to expand their theoretical knowledge through challenging practical experience and work independently and in team through the training/workshop programs.

  • Schedule – 10th June 2020 - 21st July 
  • Total No. of Hours – 25 hours (approx.).
  • Registration Fee – 3800 INR per student
  • Handouts/ Study Material: Reference books, Presentations and various study material will be shared with all the participants.


  1. The recorded lectures will be uploaded online and the access will be shared to the registered email id.
  2. The course is divided into 3 parts and the access to the lectures will be given respectively.
    • Part 1 will cover 1st & 2nd
    • Part 2 will cover 3rd Unit
    • Part 3 will cover 4th & 5th
  3. Access to the lectures will be given during the schedule of the program and for a grace period of 7 days for the participants who are unable to complete the program due to any problem.
  4. Medium of language will be English in all the recorded session. During doubt clearing session, instructors can speak and understand Hindi.


  1. Doubt clearing sessions will be live online sessions with the instructors.
  2. For better understanding and uninterrupted interaction between the instructor and the participants, session will be organized with limited no. of participants and the participants with the doubts in the similar topics.
  3. All the participants must share the doubts a day prior to the doubt clearing session.


·       FMAE courses are certified by ISO 9001:2015 and FMAE is an affiliate member of MSME & SFI Foundation Inc.
  • FAME Certificate is widely accepted by the industries and institution.
  • e-Copy of the certificate will be emailed to the participants after completion of the course of the course including the assignment submissions.
  • The certificate can be validated by your institution by contacting us on

Who can Apply?

  • Any students pursuing Diploma in Engineering or Bachelors in Engineering and any automobile engineering enthusiast

Why should you choose FMAE?

  • FMAE is one of the most efficient organization aiming to nurture technical and managerial growth in each and every student.
  • Through design challenges, FMAE has great student network, which allows us to get to know about the student requirement from our training programs.
  • FMAE is the only organization, which is affiliated to national and international organizations like MSME, SFI Foundation Inc., and certified by ISO 9001:2015
  • Advance course curriculum, which gives an in-depth knowledge of designing and development of the vehicle.
  • FMAE is the only organization in the country, which provides the broadest platform organizing design challenges from go kart to formula hybrid and conduct workshop & training sessions across the country.
  • An opportunity to learnt about the design challenges from the most experienced Instructor and trainers of FMAE.