About QBDC

Quad Bike Design Challenge, hereinafter may be referred to as QBDC, is a student-level off-road Design Challenge. QBDC is a design challenge where all the participating teams should have high knowledge and exposure to designing and fabricating an ATV. Designing an ATV is a very daunting task, and you need hand on experience to design an ATV keeping in mind all the various factors that come underway in the dynamic behavior that the vehicle manifests. This project will last for 8-10 months, and there will be no preliminary qualification round for this event. Teams will start manufacturing their vehicle as soon as they are registered for the event. All the participating teams have to submit the documents that would be asked for at a given time during the entire course of the event.

Technical Inspection

All the teams have to first enter into technical Inspection, wherein all the rules will be verified.

Design Presentation

Design Presentation is a round in which the complete design is validated by the teams.

Cost Presentation

All the justification must be provided against the costing of the event.

Sales Presentation

All the teams have to pitch for their made product to be launch in the market.

Brake Test

Teams will be given 3 brakes attempt to qualify the brake test

Acceleration Test

All the go karts will be accelerated on 75m patch and timing will be given

Dirt X

Quad will go through some hardcore mudslush and the capability of it will be checked for traction.


The maneuvering of the Quad is throughly checked on this layout.

Hill Climb

Quad will have to overcome at a steep inclination of 35 Degrees.

Suspension Test

The complete suspension of the Quad will be checked in this track layout.

Endurance Racing

The Final Endurance race will be of 4 hours which contains various phases of difficulty and obstacle. 


The Final Event will be conducted in the month of Spetember 2023.

QBDC Season 7 , FMAE Moto Park, Hyderabad

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