About FKDC

FKDC is an intercollegiate design and racing competition of buiding High Speed Go Kart into two categories;

Engine (<155CC) or Electric (10 KW) 


FKDC is consisting of both static and dynamics sub events. All the registered teams have to go for series of static activities like.

Technical Inspection, Design Evaluation, Sales Presentation, Cost Evaluation.

Dynamic Events;

Brake Test, Acceleration Test, Skid Pad, Autocross, Endurance and Fuel Economy.  

Sub Events

Below is all the listed Sub events

Technical Inspection

All the teams have to first enter into technical Inspection, wherein all the rules will be verified.

Design Presentation

Design Presentation is a round in which the complete design is validated by the teams.

Sales Presentation

All the teams have to pitch for their made product to be launch in the market.

Cost Presentation

All the justification must be provided against the costing of the event.

Brake Test

Teams will be given 3 brakes attempt to qualify the brake test

Acceleration test

All the go karts will be accelerated on 75m patch and timing will be given

Skid Pad Test

The lateral acceleration will be checked around a continuos circle.

Autocross Test

The maneuvering of the go kart is throughly checked on this layout.

Registration is open.

Teams can register into two categories, we request all the teams to check the rulebook before registering 

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