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Registration Procedure National Go Kart Championship 2020

For all the teams entering in the 1st Edition of National GoKart Championship 2020, please follow the instructions below to complete your Registration successfully.

Eligibility & requirements

  • Each team will have a minimum of 12 team members, no maximum limit. Each University team participating in the NGC competition should carry in its identification the name of the University to which belongs.
  • It is also possible to aggregate to the team members or to collaborate with a Technical College to develop the prototype, in order to complement the participating University; these team members should be included in the Registration Form. For NGC, joint entries with a Technical College are allowed, but in this case the entry must be under the University name. It is forbidden to aggregate or collaborate with Technical Colleges, which are enrolled as a competition team in any kind of national or international competition.
  • In order to belong to a team recorded in the Competition, team members should be enrolled in a public or private University; this also applies to the members from a Technical College.
  • Each team is expected to have a Faculty Advisor as team tutor, being this person an active teacher of the University or technical personnel of the University. Also, the advisor or team tutor should attend with the team to the Final Event, and he/she will be considered by the organizers of the Competition as the official representative of the University team. All official communications with the team will be emailed to the Faculty Advisor and the Team Leader. It will be possible add a secondary Faculty Advisor (optional) with the same conditions.
  • The places for the NGC are limited, so the new teams along the Registration period will be selected in order of application (payment included)

Overall Winner
Runner Up 25,000
Design and CAE
Runner Up 5000
Runner Up TROPHY
Runner Up TROPHY
Endurance & Fuel
Endurance & Fuel
Runner Up 5000

Registration & deadlines


The entry fee for a team amounts to 19,950 INR. This fee covers the entry of the 20  team members. Each additional team member must pay an additional fee of 1500 INR.

The whole Registration procedure is to be completed via , please make sure that you keep an original copy of all-important documentation since the Organization can ask for it at any time along the Competition period.

All applications should be received prior the deadline, which is 25th of October 2019.

Please complete the suitable Registration Form with your contact and team details; once the Registration is validated you will get all additional documentation and information about the Competition development.

IMPORTANT: Note that NGC has 2 available categories:  Petrol &  Electric. Each university can enrol their teams in one or both categories, so you have the possibility of participating in one category or another or both categories.

  • NGC Event           It will be provisionally held in MARCH 2020 at Coimbatore , India

Sr. No Activity Mode Date
1Registration Openwww.fmae.inSeptember 25th ,2019
2Registration Paymentinfo@fmae.inOctober 25th ,2019
3Team Member Registration info@fmae.inDecember 5th ,2019
4Extra Member Paymentinfo@fmae.inDecember 20th ,2019
5Design Report, DVP, DFMEA, Gantt Chart Submissioninfo@fmae.inJanuary 15th,2020
6College Level TI Submissioninfo@fmae.inFebruary 15th,2020
7Running Kart Video SubmissionYouTube / info@fmae.inFebruary 28th,2020
8Final Round (Tentative)Coimbatore March 4th Week,2020


The selected teams entering into the Competition will have to do the payment .

The preferable payment method is through Bank Transfer, for any other method, please ask the Organization.

The process is as follows:

  1. Once the registration form is filled out and received, the Organization will generate the corresponding proforma invoice with the amount due to pay.
  2. The proforma invoice will be sent to the contact email that appears in the Registration form.
  3. The payment has to be done by bank transfer only, for other methods, please ask. The bank details needed are as follows:
    • Account Number: 279805001056
    • Bank Address: Medchal, Hyderbad
    • Bank: ICICI BANK
    • IFSC Code: ICIC0002798
  4. You must write your proforma invoice number and your university name on the bank transfer as the reference, otherwise we will not be able to know whom the payment is from. You need to send us a copy of your bank transfer confirmation to
  5. Once we have checked that everything is done correctly, we will confirm your registration in the Competition and send you the official invoice.

Please note that no refunds will be given after the payment and Registration are completed.

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